Cinderella Pencil Test

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Anastasia’s (1997) production design & backgrounds. Part II.

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vmj24 said: Hey! So I was wondering what you thought of the character designs (mainly the female ones) one Adventure Time and Steven Universe?


I don’t watch Adventure Time, so I’m going to have to pass on that part of the question.

The character designs on Steven Universe are really good, though, so much so that I can’t really say too much about them! All of the women are very appealing, have just as much variety in their faces and bodies as the men, and are never restricted to one face or body type. I really love how even though pretty much none of the ladies are conventionally attractive, they’re all considered beautiful in-universe (for example, in the pilot, Lars refers to the Gems as “hot girls” when the audience already had a chance to see Pearl’s lanky build and big nose, Amethyst’s chubbiness, Garnet’s powerful thighs, etc.) — which is something that basically never happens in most animated movies or shows with “unattractive” characters.

Also, the racial diversity in that show is pretty much phenomenal…as are the stories. And the characters. And everything. Just about the only thing I don’t like in Steven Universe is the way that Garnet’s waist connects to her hips, which is really just an aesthetic thing because it always looked too stiff to me. If you don’t watch it already, I highly recommend it.


(Nico gave me this idea) Here’s what our design room looked like last year, during Season 1 production of Randy Cunningham. We made the tree ourselves and it was a point of pride for our crew. 

Sadly, due to construction  this room and the tree no longer exists. But We get a new room and I am excited to also fill it up with more stuff. 

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Barrage’s Blitz Backgrounds

So much nostalgia.

this show’s backgrounds are stunning

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"Clarence" Head-of-Story reaction



I was Head of Story on “Clarence” from the beginning.

Obviously Skyler Page sexually assaulted a female artist at CN. Skyler’s a piece of shit, and CN should give him the boot. Emily Partridge is one bad-ass chick for standing up to a guy who a lot of people wanted to cover up for. Skyler’s asshole behavior (though not yet sexual assault) was the main reason I quit the show more than a year ago.

I can’t imagine how fans of the show are feeling right now. But the reason you like Clarence, in spite of it’s creator, is because the “creator” had very little to do with the show. Despite what it says in the credits, Skyler never wrote a single episode of Clarence. It was created by the writers (me and Spencer Rothbell) and the talented board artists (people like Charlie Gavin, Derek & Diana). We took Skyler’s idea of “a fat dumb kid” and made a character out of it. Skyler mostly “kept the couch from floating away”, and read whatever lines we gave him. There’s been enough victims of Skyler Page, don’t punish the talented crew that actually raised Clarence.

- Patrick Harpin

This is terrible, and hopefully Cartoon Network will do the right thing.

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New Big Hero 6 posters! First official look at all the main characters! Which one is your favorite?

* PLEASE READ: http://disneybighero6.tumblr.com/post/90266684377/leaked-big-hero-6-posters *

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And as much as I’m psyched that 3/4 of the humans shown are people of color, I’m definitely not that psyched to have Rapunzel up there.


HAHAHHAHAH FRED ZILLA I am now excited for this movie. I love me some silly monster designs.

I think the creative team could have tried a bit harder with Honey Lemon’s design. If someone called her space!Rapunzel, I would not naysay them because that is not what a blonde Asian looks like. Behold Soo-Joo Park:


And Daul Kim, RIP


Now according to the ComicVine Wiki, Honey Lemon’s civilian name is Aiko Miyazaki and her hair was originally black and her eyes originally brown. Call me crazy, but I would then think that if she decided to change her hair and eye color, her underlying facial structure would still look pretty darn Asian. See above examples, though they are both Korean ladies.

Someone, somewhere, or possibly lots of people, dropped the ball on Honey Lemon’s design. Which is a pity, because if animating women is hard, they could have dragged and dropped Gogo’s face and thus have been truer to the origins. I do like visibility for very non-normative East Asian looks. My little sister has been rocking the multicolored hair since she was 13 and we are both sick and tired of people going up to her and asking “DOES THIS MEAN YOU WANT TO BE MORE WHITE? BUT YOUR BLACK HAIR IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL”.

I looked up comic references for Honey Lemon too, and they all look pretty darn white. But I take this as artist failure to challenge internalized whiteness, because (and if someone could give me the study, that would be great) most artists will draw white people when asked to draw something out of their heads. Even faced with a mystery bust and asked to draw the face based on a slim side view of the profile, most artists draw a white person even though the plaster bust is later revealed to be a black woman. When my sister was in art school and would model for people, her classmates would curse because these highly trained painters and illustrators, the professionals that Dreamworks and Pixar later hired, kept turning her into a white person. They couldn’t help themselves, because it would be a thing like “that eye seems a bit small” or “that cheekbone seems a little low” and then down the hill they went until they ended up with a white person with black hair. Oh, how they would curse. But it doesn’t change the fact that it happened.

-Cho (please more Wreck-It Ralph than Frozen, please more Wreck-It Ralph than Frozen, please more Wreck-It Ralph than Frozen, from my keyboard to God’s ears, please more Wreck-It Ralph than Frozen)

Seeing as the examples given are korean I thought I’d add some japanese cuties for maybe a little better comparison. 

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu



Tomochin Tomomi Itano



And here we have Mariko Shinoda sporting both blonde hair and colored lens, for the argument that Honey Lemon’s eye color are due to lens.


See? All these beautiful ladies are blonde but it’s still fairly obvious they’re asian.

Meaning Honey Lemon is ~*~*White-washed!!!*~*~

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Pray for canonically mixed race Honey Lemon. 


nvdjhnvbjknbgjhdf okay I have been waiting FOREVER for some screenshots or production visuals for Disney TV’s new upcoming cartoon Star and the Forces of Evil and now we finally have some!

Mercury Filmworks, who does the animation for many Disney Channel cartoons such as Fish Hooks, Wander Over Yonder, and the new Mickey Mouse shorts, among many other cartoons outside of the channel, has posted a production reel on vimeo featuring these clips from the show, found HERE.

Here is what we have on the show so far, from the Disney Wiki:

"Star and the Forces of Evil is an upcoming American animated television comedy produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney Channel. The series is set to air in fall 2014.

The show was created by Daron Nefcy (storyboard revisionist of Wander Over Yonder), the first woman to create an animated series for Disney Channel. Dave Wasson will serve as director and Jordana Arkin as story editor, while both will also co-executive produce the series. This will also mark the debut of Kevin Barron’s first acting and voice acting role in which critics praise him for his amazing skills.”

The Plot:

After having skirmished with a number of dangerous monsters, Star Butterfly arrives on Earth to live with the Diaz family. However, rather than living a normal life, Star continues on having to battle villains both throughout the universe and in their high school, although if only to protect her extremely powerful wand, an object which she is still confused with.

The Characters:

Star Butterfly (Eden Sher), a magic teenage princess whom is sent to Earth to live with the Diaz family by her parents.
Marco Diaz (Adam McArthur), the teenage son of the Diaz family. When Star arrives on Earth, she takes him on adventures to fight evil villains.
Keith Blake (Kevin Barron), a Texas native who moves to Beverly Hills to pursue an acting career but soon has problems when Star and Marco take him to the dark side

ALRIGHT before I go into detail about my opinion of this show right now, I just want to say this.

I was worried the art style for this show was going to look unappealing or even gross, but I am relieved and I’m already in love with these two. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THEM. THEY’RE A TOTAL BADASS DORK DUO IF THEY’RE GONNA HANG MOST OF THE SHOW.

Okay, now I’ve been excited for this show since it’s announcement of being greenlit. Now that we know Mercury will be behind this show’s animation, I have no worry that it will be visually stunning. With the fantastic, fluid and beautifully animated work they’ve done for Wander and FH, I have no doubt that this show will be phenomenal in the area of animation. Just take a look at the gifs above! The expressions and smooth movement and everything dudes!

I mentioned this a few months back, but I’ll say it again. The fact that Daron Nefcy is going to be the first woman to have created a cartoon for Disney Channel just makes this show all the more appealing. Like Rebecca Sugar with Steven Universe, Nefcy will be revolutionizing the industry by giving us a cartoon I’m sure will be great in story direction and character.

And the lady’s graduated from CALARTS, bros. CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS. FOUNDED BY WALT DISNEY HIMSELF!! That would be one of the most prestigious art colleges for majoring in animation in the entire world. With an 8% acceptance rate you have to be a GOD of the arts among men to get in there. That mean’s this lady is brilliant, and she already has experience with this since she helped with storyboards for Wander, which has been a huge success both critically and commercially, I think.

Another really important thing: the lead protagonist is female. While she is a princess, she’s a crime-fighting princess. AND an outerspace crime-fighting princess. Specifically alien evils, and she fights alongside her sidekick who is MALE, and HISPANIC/LATINO!! Look at his design and name!!

Again, Rebecca Sugar and Daron Nefcy will be revolutionizing cartoons by giving us shows with strong female leads. This will not only give us cartoon appreciators something new and fresh, but also teach kids that not every girl in a cartoon has to impose the typical stereotype of being the damsel in distress or the weak popular snob.

I have high hopes for this show and I await further information on it. Let’s all give it a chance when it comes in the Fall. :DD

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